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Heroes Manufactured Full Movie Online Free

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a5c7b9f00b A documentary following Canadian artists and their ability to break into the comic book industry while dealing with fandom and the craze of comic book conventions in Canada.
A story about Canadian independent comic artist trying to break into the comic book industry while facing some of pop culture's biggest challenges. In the obvious world of mass production and celebrity Media craze, we exploit the reality of producing super-heroes in a market saturated with artists, writers, celebrities, cosplayer's and everything else the comic-con markets have to offer.
I managed to see this online via the Atlas Awards closed online film festival. The doc is very inspiring overall. It drags a bit, but some very awesome footage of Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, and celebrities. As a writer and filmmaker myself, I was really inspired after watching this film. The doc explores the various motifs and struggles that independent artists and writers must face when entering the industry. There are so many cool examples of this throughout the film. They explore the story of Mexican-Canadian Artist as well which gives the film a nice touch. The only problem I have with the film is that at first, it seems a bit disjointed. I wasn't quite sure who we are following in the story but eventually, this was evident and clear to me as you keep watching the film. It's one of those films where you have to keep watching to get the full effect of the message and understanding of the subject matter. Great take on the comic book industry in Canada and Abroad. I recommend anyone who wants to get into comics to see this film. I would also recommend filmmakers watch this doc as it gives insight into a massive industry that is filled with surprises, let downs and successes. I really enjoyed this film and would honestly recommend watching it if you like documentaries.
A good entry level documentary. Feels a bit slow and mundane at times buy a good first take on the Canadian Comic book industry!<br/><br/>I personally would have wanted to see more about the comic book artists in Canada but the film took a turn into a different area that I did not expect which made it interesting but steered away from its Canadianism. <br/><br/>The film portrayed the story of a Mexican-Canadian artist by the name of Alfonso Espinos, who runs a comic book publishing company called Studio Comics Press. <br/><br/>It follows a variety of artist in a balanced sense but turned away from the fact that it is Canadian by nature. I really enjoy the interviews and think that the story was interesting on a whole. Great Film with a unique twist at the end, hint, hint Stan Lee appearance!!!!

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