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Malayalam Movie Download Dossier K.

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646f9e108c DOSSIER K. is the long anticipated successor to 'The Alzheimer Case' which won numerous awards and was sold to over 30 countries, among which the US (where it was released through Sony Picture Classics). This second film based on a novel by Jef Geeraerts is a dense European thriller about passion, betrayal, revenge, blind ambition and the inevitability of fate. Set against the realistic background of Albanian mafia in Antwerp, the story brings the main characters Erik Vincke and Freddy Verstuyft into a disastrous vortex from which no one seems to escape.
Vincke and Verstuyft are detectives of the Antwerp police department. This time they have to deal with the Albanian mob and some problems in their own police division.
After the ending credits I thought to myself: &quot;what a waste of time&quot;. I was looking forward to this movie since it was going to be the sequel of the great action thriller &quot;de zaak alzheimer&quot; (alias the memory of a killer). It turns out to be rubbish.<br/><br/>The acting is unnatural and the used language is annoying. There are lot&#39;s of different dialects in Belgium and each one has it&#39;s own characteristics but how they used this surplus in the movie is just awful. There is a whole conversation made in &quot;common civilized dutch&quot; and suddenly you notice how the crew thought: &quot;hey, let&#39;s make our actors more humane by using 1 typical, language bound dialect word&quot;.<br/><br/>The result is a non interesting conversation with a really irritating sound. Where the predecessor got you wondering, shivering and thinking this one just feeds you with the most logical images, dialogues and events. It&#39;s like they thought:&quot;let us take a good story and mix it with some stereotypical police flick action&quot;. <br/><br/>If you feel like watching a brain-dead, non challenging police movie, be my guest. BUT if your expectations are as high as the ones &quot;de zaak alzheimer&quot; left you with, then don&#39;t!<br/><br/>Just don&#39;t….
this is one of the finer products of Belgian cinema.<br/><br/>jan verheyen, truly transcended his own abilities, by delivering this excellent piece of work. this is a very well directed story, brought in a gritty, visual style. the acting is class. the story is wel paced, balanced.the casting was beyond excellent.especially the Albanian actors convinced very much. also an impressive composed soundtrack which have all the right elements to translate the gloominess , drama and tragedy very well.<br/><br/>if you like drama, you&#39;ll love this, if you like crimemovies, I can recommend this the only minor point to me are some jokes, but those that didn&#39;t ruin the whole movie experience for me. highly recommendable, not only for Belgian/dutch/Albanian people, but truly for everyone

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